Friday, January 19, 2007

Back to School...

Well...I have offically returned to school! I started my classes on Wednesday night, and I LOVE it! It is strange how much I actually missed school, and learning! Not to mention seeing all of my friends everyday. I long for the care free days of summer and hanging out with my friends...But everyone has changed and moved on...Sad really. This is just a post to tell you about my schooling...Horay! I am taking Creative writing and Editing! Which will also lead to publishing! (To those of you I told before...I got the name mixed up and wrong...sorry...I am really taking creative writing and editing not creative writing and publishing...oops...) I am planning on taking more courses next year, after I return from my one month long holiday to Hawaii! Yehaw! My aunt and uncle are taking me to Hawaii...all I have to do is pay for my flight! And I am going for a whole freaking Month! Yeeeahh! Anyway...back to the school. I think I have finally decided what I am going to do with my life! I had a discussion with my self the other day..."Self," I said..."You love writing...and you live why not combine the two into a job?" To which I responded..."Self, that is a great idea!" Now, I have been thinking of doing this for a ling time, Sholean and I had discussed opening a publishing company called "S&M Publications" but that seems to have fallen biggie...I still have assperations to become a publisher/ I took the initiative and started taking the courses...with some creative writing on the I can hopefully finish my novel... I am glad to be back in school...I really did miss the learning...and strangely enough the homework too...

Friday, January 12, 2007

The New Blog...

I have started a new blog. This one is a story blog...the story is by is not a participant is just for you to read and enjoy! It was an idea I have been tossing around my brain to all of my personalities and inner critics...and so far everyone is doing ok with I figured I'd post it. Please go, read, enjoy..and let me know what you think! Constructive critisim is always welcome...and please...Be honest!

What ever you do...DON'T CLICK HERE!!!

Have yourselves a Wonderful Today!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Logic is for the Weak!

I recently attended my work Christmas Party. We attended the show at Jubilations Dinner theater. It was a blast. We saw The Gerry Steinfeld show. It was absolutely hilarious. The cast was fresh and funny, and the serving cast or "out cast" was even better. Our server was Bob, from the Bob and Doug McKenzie. Doug was also there...but he was serving other tables. Throughout the night when ever we would see Bob, we would yell "Bob!" So through the night we became known as "Bob's Bunch". By the way...we were the "rowdy" table. All of the servers visited with us and wanted us in their section. We also made friends with Bob's niece, Diana...she was a Brownie...and laughed like SpongeBob. I happened to see a tall young man who resembled Aeron LeBray from high school, so as he was walking by I was giving him the "Do I know you?" look, and he stopped at our table. He was wearing a reflective vest, so I made the comment that I liked his vest, to which he replied "It's to protect me from the Elk." Totally strait faced too. I couldn't hold it together, I started to giggle. "The Elk? I don't see any Elk."

"See, my vest is working." At this point I started to laugh harder. "That's good logic." I said between giggles. "It's not logic, it's fact!" He replied sternly. And then he said "Logic is for the Weak!" and walked away. And throughout the night he would glare at me. It was funny. After the show out waiter "Bob" came out in his street clothes and proceeded to tell us that he waited all show to tell us that his real name was Brady, so we were actually the "Brady Bunch". After the show most of the waiting staff came up and introduced their real selves to us including "Elk Boy (Carl) whose real name was Alex, Diana who's real name was Adreanna, and of course Bob, who is Brady. As tradition after the show I go and get all of the casts autographs...and in doing so met some very attractive and nice people. Needless to say...I had a great time!

On to other news...

I was recently reprimanded for having an original and interesting background on my work computer. They (being my supervisor, and other office staff) said it was "inappropriate" and I should change it to a DHL background.

This is the background I had up. The Used is a band, and I happen to like their art. But apparently it is not 'Work' worthy...I told them that if I had to stare at the DHL logo anymore I would kill myself! They didn't appreciate also used the argument that if some employees could use personal photos for their backgrounds...I could have an interesting one too. They didn't like that...but at least they are being even now. They are not discriminating against my "choice" of background. least I don't have my Vin one up...I don't think they would like that one at all...*Grin*