Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holy F%*K!!!

Ok, so it has been like, almost if not over a year since I posted last... Crap...

Anyway, I ust wanted to share with everyone...or who ever still reads this... That I have done my good deed for a while... I went out and handed out lunches to homeless people... It was sad, and inspiring all at the same time... It kind of set my my in check... you know? So many of the things we worry about or get upset over are just ridiculous, compared to being homeless and hungry...

Monday, January 14, 2008


So...It has been a while since I have posted anything...besides adding to my story on this blog. I am going to have to get it all typed up nice in a word document and forward it to soon as we finish it!

Christmas has come and gone, along with new years. I hope everyone's holidays were merry and bright... Mine were pretty ok. Hung out with my family a lot...was cool! I missed out on some as I was working for part of it...but such is life.

I wonder where Mars I am feeling uncharacteristically grumpy these days... No reason behind it...unless you count the fact that I hate my job... Otherwise I am fine! I have a new car (new to's a 2005) and a new facial piercing...getting another one soon. I got my lip pierced before christmas...I love it. It is really rad! I am getting my eyebrow done again...and my nose too... I also have plans for more ink!

I have finally decided that I am definatly moving to BC...hopefully this summer...if not, then next winter (Jan. 2009) for sure. I am enrolling in the UBC, taking teaching and creative writing...maybe journalism too. And perhaps photography...not 100% sure yet... I have alot of plans and choices to be made first...but I have set it all in motion.

Anyway...I should be getting back to work...that vile thing that tears me away from reading and surfing the internet...and sleeping too... So have a good day everyone...I'll try not to kill enyone in the mean time...