Monday, October 02, 2006

The first official MadLibs List...

Alright here is the list...the first list...of the official MadLibs thread...Wooohoooo...

Now...this is not a typical MadLibs. It is longer for one...and I ask for more than nouns and hope you can all enjoy coming up with words and reading the entries...Once I get a few lists posted...I'll post the stories...

Have fun!

1. A reaction (ex. scared, saddened, shocked, etc.)
2. Another reaction
3. A crime
4. A barnyard animal
5. A describing word (ex. fuzzy, smelly, cute, etc.)
6. A smaller, cuter animal
7. Another animal
8. And one more animal
9. Something you get at a fast food place
10. A describing word
11. A word to describe yourself
12. And another word to describe yourself
13. A bodily noise/function
14. Something you would borrow from your neighbor
15. A gross describing word (ex. smelly, slimy, snotty, etc.)
16. Something you make
17. A relative
18. Something you would use to make the thing in #15
19. A weak and flimsy object
20. Same week and flimsy object
21. A destruction word (blew up, fell over, etc.)
22. A body part
23. Dead as a _____________ (be creative!)
24. Your favorite food
25. Something else you can get at a fast food place
26. Another weak and flimsy objet that is stronger than the first one
27. Something you do with hair
28. A place where hair is located on your body
29. A thing
30. A place
31. An indestructible material
32. A mean name
33. A thing
34. Another word for "police officers" (be creative)
35. Noun
36. I was __________