Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Come into my parlor", said the spider to the fly...

Ok...here is what is going on in my life recently. I was dating a guy. He seemed to be really nice and every thing. He came home, and met the parents and the family, and they all loved him. So why did I have that sinking feeling? Why did it all feel too good to be true? Because it was. It turned out that he was married. You wanna know how I found out? His wife called me. She found out that he was seeing me, and she got a hold of my number, and called me. She was very polite about telling me to stay away from her husband. Apparently I was not the first. Just the first to admit it when called out. But despite what he did to me, I still cared about him. Until his wife and I unraveled the web of lies he had been spinning. It is amazing how quickly feelings can go away when a relationship is based solely on lies and deceit. The person I was falling for did not exist. He was acting the whole time. What did I ever do in my life to deserve to be treated this way? Am I not worthy of love? Do I not get a 'happily ever after'? These are the questions that have chased each other through my brain over the last week. And I have finally found the answer. I too am worthy of love, it was he who was not worthy of me. I will find my soul mate, when I am ready. You cannot rush love. That would be like trying to catch a rainbow. For love is as illusive as the dawn. Ever present, yet never noticed. If you sit patiently, love will come to you. Why is it that all the important lessons in life are the hardest to learn?

Please do not feel sorry for me, do not pity me for caring too much. Pity him, for not caring enough.