Friday, October 05, 2007

Tell me a Story...

Ok, so here is the continuation of the "Story Blog". I know that most people who were contributing to the writing of this story are no longer participating, hosers, but I will continue anyways! Even if it is just me, myself, and Kami Akai... So we left off with a struggling Maya up on the catwalk, and Cole in a crate with a gun and a cell phone...


Mel said...

Cole dialed the number that had been drilled into his head since day one of his training. Each number he pushed made a soft beep, he swore silently in his head and strained to hear anything ouside of his crate. Maya was still screaming, and yelling, still fighting.

Cole put the phone up to his ear and listened to the distant ringing on the other end.

"Hauser Technologies, how may I direct your call?"

"This is Cole Kuts, five-oh-seven-seven-ex."

"One moment please." There was a series of clicks and then a man said, "Cole."

Kami Akai said...

(((Hauser Technologies that is fing great >_< oh it makes me laugh)))

Cole pressed the pound key twice and left the phone open in the bottom of the crate. Hopefully they will get the hint and scan for the signal quickly. Taking in a long breath he released it out in a slow period of relaxing and snuck out of his hiding place. Looking up towards the catwalk he spotted Maya as she was pulled through the door leading outside.

He began to move quickly on the balls of his feet, when a crate eploded into wood fragments infront of him. Jumping backwards, he missed the passing bullets that tore into the rest of the crate. Ducking behind another crate he looked around for the point of fire. Dammit, hurry up with the back-up guys...

Mel said...

Cole spoted the man hiding behind a cement piller. He was peering around the piller pointing his gun at Cole. Cole brought his own gun up just as more bullets flew at him from his left. Turning, he saw two more men running at him with guns blazing. Being out of options he dove for the nearest cover provided.

Leaping over the small stack of pallets he landed hard on the cement floor. Swearing he slammed his bruised back against the wall and peered out the slats.
"Shit, five shot, I better make them count."

Cole raised his gun, sliding it between the gaps in the pallets, letting out all the breath in his body, he sighted down the barrel and squeezed the trigger.

Kami Akai said...

The gun kicked slightly and one of the men fell. He took a breath, aimed, then released the breath and fired. The second man was quicker than the first and dived off to the side. The bullet catching one of the wooden crates and chipping away splinters. He heard a small curse and only could hope that the splinters had hit the man.

Cole was getting edgy now. The two men knew the warehouse and he didn't. The situation was going out of control. He was assigned a simple case and now it had gone bad. He saw a shadow move and leveled his gun at it. "Keep the girl safe." He captain told him months and months ago. Time moved and it was now beyond keeping a girl safe. Far beyond. He pulled the trigger once more. Two left after this

Mel said...

There was a surprised grunt from where Cole had aimed, a body fell sideways the eyes glazed with death. Blood pooled slowly around the body. Two down Cole thought. How many more were out there, slowly stalking him?

How did I let things get so complicated? All I was supposed to do was protect her. Not fall in love with her. Cole sliently berated himself. A sudden pop and a few splinters of flying wood brought his attention back to the problem at hand.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid! Pay attention you dumb fuck!" He whispered to himself. He saw movement to his right, He turned in time to see one of the men rushing him with a metal pipe.

Mel said...

There was a resounding clangas the pipe connected with the cement near Cole's head. Having rolled out of the way just in time, he ws now in a perfect position to do some damage. He quickly rolled onto his side and kicked out visiously with his foot. There was a wet crunch as his foot connected with the side his assailaints knee.The man went down, screaming. Cole leveled his gun at the mans temple and fired.

Mel said...

There was a resounding boom as the gun discharged. With a sickining splat the mans head exploded, ejaculating little bits of brain and skull all over the cement floor. The warehouse was silent once more.

Only one shot left, better make it count! Cole thouhght. He carefully surveyed the warehouse, searching for any movement. Nothing. Trusting his judgement he crept from his hiding spot in a low defencive crouch. Still nothing. No sound, no movement, no bullets whizzing past him. Sencing no emediate danger, he stood and bolted for the ladder on the far wall leading up to the catwalk.

Kami Akai said...

He swong himself onto the stairs and climbed upwards taking the steps two at a time. Reaching the landing he spotted a black handgun. might as well have a spare, he thought with a grin. At least I will have more than one bullet. He released the clip and counted the bullets, three were left in the clip and one in the chamber. Five bullets total, not much when one has to take on a heliocoptor. He ran to the door and peered out to the empty rooftop. He carefully exited, hugging the wall of the rooftop exit. Scanning the scene he saw that there was no one left, a clean get-away. "Dammit!" He swore.

Down on the streets below a car skidded to a stop and two doors open and close. Cole slid down to the tar top and rested his head into his knees. "Where are you going to now my Maya?"

Kami Akai said...

High above the wearhouse Maya flew with her father in the heliocopter. "My dear you can always make this easy for yourself."

"Ever since I was four and found out what you did for a living dear father I made things easy for myself. Of course you never made life easy for mom and myself." They sat and scowled at each other. "What is it you're after this time dear daddy? Diamonds, bombs, assassinations of presidents?" She scowled.

The old man leaned back and smiled, "Maya, I'm looking for something we already collected. Something you have hidden, something you have stolen from me you bad girl. I thought I taught you to steal from everyone else but family."

Mel said...

Maya stopped and thought. She had stolen so much for the company in the last few years. That was basically her job description. She did not remember stealing anything from her father, or his company.

"I've never stolen anything from you father," she said, sitting back in her seat, crossing her arms under her breasts.

"Oh, you have stolen much from me Maya, some of it unintentionally, but this, this was too much. I know you have it. I know that you did not turn this over to the company, I know you've hidden it, now tell me! Where is it?" He was gripping her upper arms, squeezing, his fingers bitting into her flesh.

"Ow," she cried. "You're hurting me."

Kami Akai said...

"How can I steal anything from a man that I thought was dead?"

The man threw he against the hard plastic seat of the helicopter almost making her cry out even as she gritted her teeth against the impact. "Maya you've known better and I can tell when you are lying. You've grown soft. Tell me princess has a man crept into that stone that you call a heart?" He sat in the seat across from me and crossed his legs, almost mocking me.

With shaking hands I push back the loose strands of hair that had fallen across my face. "You bastard." I smiled and spat on his fine leather shoes. A small defiant gesture but I take my graces.

He ignored the line of saliva and mucus that ran down the top of his shoe and looked out the window. "We should be landing soon. Are you going to tell me princess or are you going to go meet with my men on the ground?"

Melanie said...

The helicopter circled around an open field. There were two cars parked of to the side, with big, bodyguard looking men leaning on the side of the cars. As the chopper landed, a huge cloud of dust blew up and engulfed the men on the ground.

"Where are we?" Maya asked, a small thread of fear slipping into her voice.

"Ah, princess, do you not recognize it?" He father replied, slyly. "This is where it all began."

Kami Akai said...

I couldn't recognize anything from the inside of the helicopter as the door slid open, letting the dirtstorm inside. Half chokeing I was pushed out of the helicopter onto the dirt platform. I was smart enough to keep my head down as the roters of the helicopter wizzed above my head. Beyond, the two bodyguard type dudes went forwards and grabbed my arms with feriousity. Something in me wanted to fight back but at the same time it wanted to find out what was at the end of this mystery. Why couldn't I remember this place? Dad was being too mysterious for me to read him.

The goons loaded me unfriendly like into the waiting car, closing me inside. I was alone and immediately the car began to drive. The dark tint of the windows hindered my view to the outside world. I tried the door locks to my dismay to find them unopenable from the inside. I shouldn't have been surprised, this is the man who taught me everything I know in the first place.